Whether you’re travelling to Wales on a business trip, going on holiday to France or if you’re touring different cities, be prepared to tackle the long journey ahead.

For some of us it’s not quite fulfilling enough to simply gaze out the window and watch the passing traffic. Be sure to take something entertaining with you like a video game, DVD, book, laptop, playing cards or even a colouring book. Anything to keep the mind occupied and not straying into boredom. If you’re driving then make sure to make a playlist beforehand of all your favourite sing along songs.

Trip’s can be longer than expected and you may start to get hungry. If you get grouchy when you’re hungry, then it is essential to pack snacks. Make sure to pack extra just in case you need to share with your not so prepared friend.

If you’re travelling late, make sure you dress for the weather so you can sleep comfortably without getting too cold. For passengers pack a blanket and eye mask.